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The Neosophi Network

Welcome to the Neosophi Network, your number one source for all things philosophical, scientific and technological. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of an experience, with a focus on you, our community and our world.

The Neosophi Network or in short Neosophi is a new site and forum devoted to philosophy, science and technology and was founded in September of the year 2017. The Neosophi Network was founded with the intention of offering people a voice on events that are happening in the world that trouble them with a particular focus on science and technology and how they impact humanity's future.

At the Neosophi Network we believe in keeping our eyes on Science and Technology and developing suitable philosophies for the future world. The Neosophi Network gets you nearer to the topics that are important. We comment on research and development in the Science and Technology arenas. The Neosophi Network charms and engages a worldwide group through interactivity and participation in the development of suitable future philosophy. We care about our world and the communities within it.

The Neosophi Network is a worldwide network focused on investigating and reporting on Science and Technology developments as they happen and not only that we keep you up to date with developments within our own network too. For internal developments see the Network Events page.

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The Neosophi Network is a global forum committed to protecting our planet and supporting technology that matters as well as science that matters.

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Our Network

We offer a network that we strive to keep free of trolls. We offer an outlet for people who love life and need a place to express each emotion appropriately. When you want to take things seriously there is a place for that and when you want to relax and chat about any old thing there is a place for that too. We strive to make our network diverse enough to find what you are looking for but not so complicated that you will get lost.

Our Name

Neo is derived from the Greek word, neos, meaning new. We define the word sophi to mean divine wisdom. Neosophi then, is the New Divine Wisdom dealing with experience, knowledge, and good judgement in modern times. The Neosophi Network is the New Knowledge Network - The New Wisdom Network. Neosophi Net can be what you want it to be. Visit or register on our forum now for great reading and interaction with those of us who share a great interest in life. The Neosophi Forum presents a place to be to discuss Philosophy, Science, Technology and the New Wisdom. It is also a place where people can develop their own philosophies and science into practical and valuable knowledge.

The Neosophi Network is a social gathering of people who are not necessarily like minded but who want a place that has no ridiculous trolling.


We welcome you . . .


We hope you enjoy our site as much as we enjoy having you here with us and together we can call it ours.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Most kindest regards,

A. G. Harvey

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